Google will correct the facial unlocking error in Pixel 4: it will only work if your eyes are open | Technology



Facial unlocking is one of the favorite security methods of many users, hence its good reception when Google decided to implement it in Pixel 4. However, it was possible to unlock the smartphone even when the user had his eyes closed now Google has corrected this security error.

The medium Android Police has detected a new configuration – which will soon be available – for facial unlocking of Google Pixel 4 which makes this method Lock is safer. The user may require that the eyes be open to access the phone.

A few months ago we informed you that Google had detected the security failure of the face unlock in Pixel 4 and was working on a future update to fix it, now we know it will start soon to be implemented: from the device settings the eye detection function can be configured.

After months of waiting, Pixel 4 owners can increase security when unlocking their phone. In the device configuration we will find the function of 'require the eyes to be open', you will only have to search for the term 'eyes'.

Google is still implementing it so it probably won't appear on the facial recognition settings screen yet. If you find the option in your search, it may not be enabled when you press it.

In a few days we hope Google finally makes this update official, to prevent others from unlocking the smartphone without our consent while we sleep. It is necessary to solve a controversial error as soon as possible.



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