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Thanks to the launch of the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium we can use Chrome extensions in Microsoft's browser, which is certainly good news because a multitude of possibilities open up.

However, a few days ago when we entered the Chrome Web Store using the new Edge browser, a warning appeared at the top of the screen where Google warned us that it was unsafe to install Chrome extensions on the new Edge and that we download Google Chrome instead.

This has brought a lot of criticism to Google for considering it unfair competition, since there is absolutely nothing demonstrated that it is unsafe to install Chrome extensions on the new Microsoft Edge. Well, after a few days with this warning window, it has now disappeared by magic. If we enter the Chrome Web Store with the new Edge to download the Chrome extensions, the warning no longer appears.

Edge has not changed in recent days, with what appears to be that Google has responded to criticism, and has removed this notice that appeared in the upper area of ​​the screen. This gives users greater security when they decide to opt for Chrome extensions on Edge, an ideal solution to enhance and improve certain browser features.

If you have Edge Canary, you can also try Chrome custom themes in the new Microsoft browser, although they are not yet available for the stable version, which could end up failing installation. If you are interested, we have given you the process to install them .

The reception of the new Edge browser among users is very positive, and Google is likely to feel its hegemony in the browser niche market.

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